Here you can access a presentation about this project we held in Budapest (ZIP SCENE conference on Analogue and Digital Immersive Spaces:10/nov/2019) and Bucharest (Augmenting Performance Conference at CINETic, UNATC:15/nov/2019). We are also in the process of developing a paper to be published in the proceedings of the ZIP SCENE conference.
It was presented 7/nov/2019-6/dec/2019 in a group exhibition at the Fabrica de Pensule (Brush Factory) in Cluj, Romania. Part of the Utopian Cities, Programmed Societies platform.
The Puzzle is based on the map of the city of Victoria. Using the form of a simple, 3 by 3 grid puzzle, the work engages the players to rearrange the territory and form new configurations. Each piece can be scanned using an smartphone app resulting in an augmented reality experience of the city. For each piece, the augmented reality layer consists of materials (videos, photographs, cognitive maps, sounds, interviews etc.) gathered from that specific part of Victoria. For each player who rearranges the space, a new narrative of the city emerges. For one player, the periphery can become the centre, and for another, the factory might be the first element she comes across.
Team: Maria Mandea, arh. Teodora Ungureanu, arh, Ștefan Bunicelu
To meet the citizens of Victoria, we organised a picnic in front of the Culture House, in public space. We ate fruits and sweets together and got the chance to talk in a friendly setting. Also, announcing and giving away invites to the picnic proved a great strategy to get the (mostly) non-romanian speaking participants in the Summer School to meet the people living in the city and engage in a conversation with them.