participatory installation
80 x 100 cm
Restitutio in integrum is a game-installation that allows participants to claim the public space in a game of “what if”.
The game starts from the real case of the IOR park in Bucharest, a part of which became private property following the post-’89 retrocession process. Players claim the park by planting lollipop trees. Received at the entrance of the exhibition, the lollipops can be kept, tasted and/or actively used in the installation to break the “private property” inscription on the model.
The experience is multi-modal and participatory. The work, based on a concrete situation, is transformed by the decisions of the participants. The option is expressed with serenity, in a relaxed but resolute way, following Gramsci’s principle of “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”. (“Whatever the situation, I imagine the worst that could happen in order to summon up all my reserves and willpower to overcome every obstacle.” – Antonio Gramsci)

From May 2022 till the end of 2023, I participated in the mentoring programme Accelerator developed by Gaep Gallery in partnership with I8 Gallery (Iceland). The work and the exhibition were part of the programme involving 10 emerging artists.