Mic marathon is a project started with my colleagues at UAUIM Product design, în 2017, while in our final year as students. Together with friends, architecture students and previous generation design graduates, we started working on a project that involved small NGOs that needed graphic design work but couldn't afford it. We based the 2017 edition in Ploiești and worked with organisations from the Prahova district in Romania. For each NGO we devised a graphic strategy and implemented the necessary visual elements to get them started. 
organised in Ploiești, Romania în July 2017

team members: Alexandru Bălașa, Andrei Carcea, Sebastian Comănescu, Theo Dobrescu, Alexandru Hoțescu, Bogdan Ioniță, Andreea Irimia, Maria Mandea, Carmen Matiz, Viana Nașu, Adriana Nicoloiu, Marius Petre, Alexandra Popa, Vlad Sorescu, Vlăduț Sucmănaru, Teodora Ungureanu.