Matera narrative puzzle is a game we devised for the 2019 fusion urban games festival that happened in Matera, Italy. based on the treasure hunt format, it aims to gather images from different parts of the city through the people visiting it and to reassemble them in the form of a internet-based puzzle.
Participants were divided into 4 teams corresponding to 4 areas in the city: the historic centre, the social housing area, the brutalist architecture institution neighbourhood and the more green, middle class living area.
Each team had the task to find as many QR codes in their designated area within a given time-frame. Every time they found one QR they could take and upload an image to the puzzle. As more QRs were found, the map available on a web-page would change with the images, composing a real-time collage of the city.
This project is a further development of the Victoria Narrative Puzzle. In the Matera iteration we were more interested in how to involve the participants in gathering the materials representative for the city.
We presented it within the talk on Narrative Puzzles held at the Zip-Scene Conference on Analogue and Digital Immersive Spaces, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary and the Augmenting Performance Conference at CINETic in Bucharest, Romania.
Team: Maria Mandea, Teodora Ungureanu