I Me Ours is composed of five games, each created in just one week. From Monday to Friday, the challenge is to come up with a concept and develop it. Then, on Saturday, the game is proposed to an audience for 2 hours, from 5 to 7. During this time, the game is experienced, the players come up with suggestions for improvement.
Each game is developed as a large scale boardgame, fitted into a 4 by 4 meters square. While the games are mostly abstract in form, each concept is conveyed through gameplay.
The series investigates property (private and common) from 5 different perspectives: transport, housing, food, work and the city. I chose this topic to place the game in a current socio-political context and debate. The game presents stakes for both players and the Eastern European art scene. The apparent conflict between subject and form (property and play) makes the theme seen from a more unusual point of view, thus overcoming certain existing preconceptions. At the same time, this subject brings the game into a borderline situation in which even its playful character is (apparently) undermined.
Team: Maria Mandea, Teodora Ungureanu, Ștefan Bunicelu, Diana Păun, Dana Pârvulescu, Iselin Huluba and everyone else who played the games (over 100 players).
Technical details: 4 by 4 m game installations, black textile strap, paper.
Created at Știrbei47 art-space as an open studio.
Foto: Nepărat