production: Asociația Replika 
playwriter: Mihaela Michailov
director: Radu Apostol
scenography: Maria Mandea 
cast: Bianca Gheorghe, Denis Nadolu, Ionuţ Roşca, Mario Ştefan, Georgiana Moise, Roberta Parascan, Anca Negoiţă, Andreea Baraitan, Ana Maria Zaincovschi, Mihaela Rădescu, Viorel Cojanu
Familia Offline is an educational theatre performance created within a team that includes 9 children (ages 9-14 at the time), students at the 55th School in the Republica neighbourhood in Bucharest.
The play tells stories from the lives of five brothers whose parents left the country to work abroad to support the family, leaving the them home alone in the process.
The children have participated in the whole process of creating the performance. They have worked on the text, the movement, the directorial decisions and in the design of stage and costume elements. I worked with them on stage and costume design.
We designed mostly everything from cardboard and paper, together. We started by talking about the objects present in each scene and in the character’s lives and we built everything from lighting solutions with flashlights to creating the world of sounds.
Familia Offline presented at the Explore Dance Festival 2013 and Temps d’Images Festival 2013