Divided is a game developed for the Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, under the supervision of professor Gerhard Funk who is working on the concept of cooperative aesthetics.
The game is composed of a line dividing two colours. The colours and the line seem to be flowing from above on the whole projected area. The participants are also divided into two teams, one for each colour. They have to stay together inside their colour to win points and influence the aesthetic outcome, but the line’s movement increases in speed and variety.
What interested me most is the mix of cooperative and competitive, how to use them to create a dynamic experience and replace a contemplative attitude with an active one in which spontaneity and improvisation are decisive.
Created while on an Erasmus mobility to the University of Arts & Design Linz, Austria; Supervised by prof. Gerhard Funk
Foto: Ars Electronica / Gerhard Funk / Maria Mandea