Far to Close is a human scale boardgame that explores how urban interactions can bring us closer or can make us distance ourselves in a city.
Far to Close it's been developed within LIFE LONG BURNING 2020, at WASP Working Art Space and Production.
Producer: 4Culture Association
Co-producer: WASP Studios
Technical details: 7 by 7 m game installation, various materials; 20 hanging movement sensors 
You go outside, grab a pretzel, or meet a friend, you find a black cat, or it starts raining, you grab a drink at a local bar, or ...

Living in a city usually brings along a set of day to day decisions that can sometimes lead to entirely unexpected experiences. The game makes the players explore together the different directions and stories that compose a city. 
Team: Maria Mandea, Teodora Ungureanu, Sebastian Comănescu.
Life Long Burning - Towards A Sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe is a multi-annual project co-financed by the European Union – Creative Europe Programme.
Foto: Vlad Dinu și Neapărat